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Blah [Nov. 27th, 2004|12:30 am]
[mood |gloomygloomy]

I'm bored to death.
I guess I am jaded.
Too jaded.
I tried to get out of this situation.
But I can't.
Played the guitar.
But it sounded horrible.
Guess I am a lousy player.
Watched the idiot box.
But there's nothing that interests me.
Miss World finalists are fat,unable to speak fluent English,self-centred,swell-headed,talk bullshit,and ugly.
Read a book.
Ended up drooling onto my pillow.
Swam in chlorinated,contaminated pool.
Felt utterly disgusted.
Had dinner.
Put on another 100 pounds.
And here I am.
Bitching about my life.
Another thing,I am a lousy writer.